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Ivey Ranch Park is offering the chance to learn all about horses this summer. Learn safety, handling, grooming, tacking and riding. Additional instruction in ground-training, humane education with small animals and reptiles, as well as feeding, housing and daily care of horses.

Enrollment is limited to 21 children a week and the children are divided into age and ability appropriate groups – typically: 7-10, 11-13, & 14-17. The curriculum consists of a rotation through horseback riding, ground training, and humane education. There is a lunch break from 12-1pm (children must bring a bag lunch) and everyone participates in chores from 4-5pm.  Please have your child bring snacks for breaks they will have throughout the day.

Session 1 (June 27-July 1)   9AM-12PM      Fee $175        Deposit $100
Session 2 (July 5- 8)             9AM-5PM        Fee $260        Deposit $100 (No camp 7/4/16)
Session 3 (July 11-15)          9AM-5PM        Fee $325        Deposit $100
Session 4 (July 18-22)          9AM-5PM        Fee $325        Deposit $100
Session 5 (July 25-29)          9AM-5PM        Fee $325        Deposit $100
Session 6 (August 2-5)         9AM-12PM      Fee $140        Deposit $100 (No camp 8/1/16)

Current Riders/Returning Riders and Campers from 2015
You do not need to complete a new application UNLESS contact or medical information has changed since June of 2014.  If information HAS NOT CHANGED you can complete the reservation page (first sheet of camp application) and the Participant Annual Update and return those with your deposit.

Summer Horse Camp Application 2016
Participant Annual Update 2016
Physician Annual Update 2016

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Summer Horse Camp Internship Program
Ivey Ranch Park Association is happy to offer summer internships to young people, to provide them with an unforgettable work experience and to have a first-hand encounter with contributing to the community.

Interns will be assisting with camp attendees ages 7-17, disabled and able-bodied alike.  Interns will be assisting in a variety of roles including, but not limited to, grooming, tacking, and leading horses during class, assisting in humane education, feeding and watering horses, basic vet care, stable management, and assisting instructors during riding class.  Training will be provided for all positions so interns can be moved between programming when needed.  Interns will need to bring their lunch during the internship period as well as snacks for breaks they will have throughout the day.

Interns will be provided a Certificate of Recognition for the community service hours they provide as well as a nomination for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (based on age and number of hours of service provided). Their Certificate of Recognition will be mailed to them the first week of September.  Also, interns may accrue $100 scholarships towards horseback riding instruction for each week of full-time service.

Summer Camp Interns Applications Due June 5th! 
• Positions are limited to 15 interns per week.
• Must be 14 years of age by June 24, 2016.
• Adults are welcome to intern as well
• Interns can assist 1-4 weeks
• Must be available for Intern Training on June 22nd from 9am to 12pm.

Summer Horse Camp Internship Application 2016
Summer Horse Camp Internship Reccomendation 2016
Know your horse chart 3-5-16
Rules of the Barn 2016