Wish List

Our Amazon Wish list: You may purchase items from our Amazon Wish lists as a donation and have it shipped directly to Ivey Ranch!


Ivey Ranch Park – Wish list Equestrian Needs. Ivey Ranch Park -Wish list Childcare Needs

Donation Items Wish list:
$250 – $500

Anthony Brothers Tricycle (3) ($300 each)
Children’s tables (2) ($250 each)
12″x12″ Dedication tile for equestrian walkway ($250 each)
12″x12″ Dedication tile for child development center walkway ($250 each)
$500 – $1,000
16” Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle (2) ($500 each)
Compaq Presario PC ($500)
$1,000 – $2,500
New kitchen counter tops ($1750)
20’x 50’ Shade canopy ($1500)
Bedding for horses for the year ($2K)
Sponsor a horse ($2,500 each)
$2,500 – $5,000
60’ Round Pen for horses ($5K)
False turf for play yard ($4200)
$5,000 – $10,000
New lighting for equestrian area
Irrigation for equestrian program back pasture
Hay barn
Activity and great room for children at new child development center
$100,000 – $200,000
Preschool classroom (2) ($100,000)
Toddler classroom (2) ($100,000)

Donate Now

Donation Programs:

Donate a vehicle: Car, Truck or Boat
Call Rancho del Oro Towing (760) 945-2668 Ext. 14. Tell them your donation is to benefit Ivey Ranch Park Association and we’ll get 60% of the selling price after it has gone to auction.

Shop for a Cause
You can also support us just by shopping online! We have 150 online retail partners, including Amazon and Target, who will donate on your behalf for every purchase made using the below button:

Shopping at Sav-On or Albertsons?
Join their Community Partners in Education program and watch your dollars benefit Ivey Ranch Park Association. By using your preferred savings card at either Sav-On or Albertsons (after having it linked to our organization) you will help us earn money just by shopping! Sign-up at www.albertsons.com

For the last few years Albertson’s has been a Community Partner with Ivey Ranch.
This means whenever a customer uses their Preferred Savings Card that has been linked to Ivey Ranch we receive money from those points. If you are currently shopping at Albertson’s and have a Preferred Savings Card please take a few moments to link your card in our name. If you are already linked to Ivey Ranch they are asking, with their new system, that you re-link your cards. If you shop at Albertson’s and do not have a Preferred Savings Card you can sign up for one at your store or on-line free of charge and link it to Ivey Ranch.

To link your card please go to www.albertsonscp.com and complete these 3 simple steps:
1. Long on to Site
2. Enter your Preferred Savings Card number
3. Enter Ivey Ranch’s Community Partners ID #49000115952

Every time you shop at Albertson’s and scan you linked Preferred Savings Card, Albertson’s will earn back up to 4% of your shopping dollars to Ivey Ranch!
So please take a few moments to help us out and link your shopping card to Ivey Ranch.
If you have any questions please call us at 760-722-4839


Do you Shop at COSTCO?
There are a few items we are in constant need of and if you would like to make a donation, we would welcome the following:
– Toilet Paper
– Paper Towels
– 5oz Dixie Cups
– 100% Vegetable Oil (Kirkland brand is fine) this is given to our horses for their coats!

Items can be dropped off at the barn office or daycare.