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Ivey Ranch Park New Tack & Feed Room (South side of equestrian facility) and New Hay Barn
We are so very pleased to announce the upgrade and expansion of some of our facilities at Ivey Ranch.  When we began our program in 2003, Waste Management was kind enough to provide two box containers for our use.  One has served as a feed and storage room – the other as a tack room.  Both have served for over 13 years and it is now time to replace them with permanent structures that are also accessible to all program participants.  Imagine how great it will be for participants that have wheelchairs, canes, walkers, crutches, or issues traversing stairs the opportunity to get their own grooming boxes, helmets, or tack.  That same accessibility will also be available to our volunteers who help in the evening prepare the horse’s feed, supplements and medications.  Inclusion and accessibility – what every part of our program is about!  Then, in addition to the new Tack and Feed Room, we will also be constructing a new Hay Barn.  The Hay Barn will be on the far north east portion of our property and will house our truck, horse-trailer, and a full semi-truck and trailer load of hay for the horses.  The new Hay Barn will actually help us reduce our feed costs by allowing us to order, and then store, bulk quantities of feed.  The reduction of feed costs allows us to put those dollars towards our programs – where the children, adults, and Veterans need it most!

Starting in September of 2016 we will enter the “Permitting Process” with the City of Oceanside to build out the new Tack and Feed Room and the new Hay Barn.  We anticipate securing the necessary Building Permits withing 4-6 weeks and construction to commence immediately following their receipt.  Manufacturing of the materials (that are identical to our north barn) will happen as we proceed through the permitting process.  We will relocate all tack and feed to the north barn 48 hours before construction begins and we anticipate the complete build out being finished for our Open House and Exhibition on Saturday, November 5, 2016.  The entire project is estimated at approximately $105,000.

$40,000 Grant Match!50k-grant-match
On May 13, 2016 we were notified by County Supervisor Bill Horn’s office that our Neighborhood Reinvestment Program (NRP) grant application was approved for $40,000.  This was approximately 40% of the funds necessary to build out the proposed buildings.  What great news – a terrific start to our capital campaign!  We shared the happy news with our friends at the Rhynard Family Foundation and they invited us to apply for a matching grant to the Supervisor’s NRP funds – another $40,000.  We were quick to move on their invitation and on June 20, 2016 we were notified that the Rhynard Family Foundation was, once again, stepping up to help with the facilities and programs at Ivey Ranch Park.  The Rhynard’s gift has now put us at $80,000 of the $105,000 needed for the project.
This is where WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We now have $15,000 left to raise within the next 5 weeks.
If you are able to help us out in any way we would greatly appreciate it….every dollar counts! You can donate three different ways: Online here via PayPal, over the Phone at 760-722-4839 and through the mail 110 Rancho del Oro Dr Oceanside, CA 92057 . Thank you for your support!


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Our Mission:
Ivey Ranch Park is dedicated to encourage the interaction of disabled and able bodied children, of all ages, by providing educational and recreational activities. Since 1983 we have served children and adults with disabilities but will not exclude the able bodied, since integration, inclusion and interaction are important components of our program. Serving over 200 individuals a month, our essential goals are:

  • Community integration and participation
  • Personal choice
  • Self-respect and respect for others
  • Competence and self reliance

Currently over two thirds of our children here at the Ivey Ranch Child Development Center have moderate to severe disabilities which include behavioral disorders, genetic disorders, and disabilities caused by accident or trauma. School age children come for after school, summer and off-track care. The Center also operates a preschool, in-home respite services, and summer camp.