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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Givingtuesday.org is an organization that mobilizes the masses. They are using social media to connect people with local non-profits. Their goal on 11/29/16, is to get people around the world to focus attention, time, and money on the brilliant work that nonprofit organizations like Ivey Ranch are doing every day. We are excited to participate! You can visit GivingTuesday.org for more information.

  • Your support and the support of your friends and family on Giving Tuesday, means we get to keep helping people.
  • Your support means veterinary care for our horse family, lots of hay, and much needed horse shoes.
  • Your support means helmets and boots for those who otherwise can’t afford it.
  • Your support means prices that make horsemanship a reachable goal for everybody.
  • Your support means we can continue to bring together disabled and able-bodied alike. It means we can continue
    educating, building, and healing our community, one ride at a time. Our goal is to keep going and keep growing!
  • We want to serve more veterans. We want to provide therapy to more riders.
  • We want to teach more people about the wonderful bond between horse and human.
  • We want to continue to provide industry changing after-school care for our kids with special needs.
  • Help us continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

Please share with your friends and help us make Giving Tuesday a success!


How else can you help? 
Use the hashtag! Use the power of social media! Tag your friends and family online. Encourage them to donate time or funds or whatever they can. Link the Ivey Ranch Facebook page or this website. Use the power of your voice to create momentum.

Are you shopping online? Visit our site first and see which retailers are giving back to Ivey! It doesn’t cost you anything and we get some much needed support.

Most of us will make a purchase through Amazon during the holiday season. Please login through smile.amazon.com instead! Same site, same login, same account; the difference is that Amazon donates a portion to Ivey Ranch!
Thank you for all you do!

Halloween Fun!


Tabitha “Potter” with Remax


“Lion Tamer” Alayna with Jaacy


“Mike” Amanda with “Sully” Roy









Our Mission:
Ivey Ranch Park is dedicated to encourage the interaction of disabled and able bodied children, of all ages, by providing educational and recreational activities. Since 1983 we have served children and adults with disabilities but will not exclude the able bodied, since integration, inclusion and interaction are important components of our program. Serving over 200 individuals a month, our essential goals are:

  • Community integration and participation
  • Personal choice
  • Self-respect and respect for others
  • Competence and self reliance

Currently over two thirds of our children here at the Ivey Ranch Child Development Center have moderate to severe disabilities which include behavioral disorders, genetic disorders, and disabilities caused by accident or trauma. School age children come for after school, summer and off-track care. The Center also operates a preschool, in-home respite services, and summer camp.