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Ivey Ranch Park Association was established in 1981 and is a private non-profit community based corporation that provides services targeted to disabled and able-bodied children and young adults located throughout San Diego County. Services are located on 12-acres of the original Ivey Ranch in Oceanside.


Ivey Ranch Child Development Center serves school-age children that have moderate to severe disabilities, which include behavioral disorders, genetic disorders, and disabilities caused by accident or trauma.  The children are bussed to the facility from area school districts and they come for after-school, summer, and off track care.Ivey Ranch also operates in-home respite services and summer camp for children with special needs. The summer camp has over 120 children who participate in day camp for children with and without special needs.


One of Oceanside’s community gardens is located on the Ranch. Forty spaces are rented to families and senior citizens who otherwise may not have the opportunity to cultivate a garden. The Ranch also operates a Memorial Tree program.

The Association relies on donations from the community to sustain the many different programs available to area families. Volunteers donate over $250,000 worth of services each year, including childcare, equestrian program assistance, and ranch maintenance. The Association is broadly supported by local service organizations and grants through local companies and foundations.

Ivey Ranch Park is a unique place which provides educational and recreational services to individuals with special needs as a focus. We are the only duly accredited equestrian facility (PATH and CHA) in the state of California.  We invite you to come tour the Ranch and meet our special children and staff.  Ivey Ranch is truly a special place, where the community comes together!


Ivey Ranch Equestrian Centernew barn 2010

Ivey Ranch Park New Tack & Feed Room (South side of equestrian facility) and New Hay Barn
We are so very pleased to announce the upgrade and expansion of some of our facilities at Ivey Ranch.  When we began our program in 2003, Waste Management was kind enough to provide two box containers for our use.  One has served as a feed and storage room – the other as a tack room.  Both have served for over 13 years and it is now time to replace them with permanent structures that are also accessible to all program participants.  Imagine how great it will be for participants that have wheelchairs, canes, walkers, crutches, or issues traversing stairs the opportunity to get their own grooming boxes, helmets, or tack.  That same accessibility will also be available to our volunteers who help in the evening prepare the horse’s feed, supplements and medications.  Inclusion and accessibility – what every part of our program is about!  Then, in addition to the new Tack and Feed Room, we will also be constructing a new Hay Barn.  The Hay Barn will be on the far north east portion of our property and will house our truck, horse-trailer, and a full semi-truck and trailer load of hay for the horses. The new Hay Barn will actually help us reduce our feed costs by allowing us to order, and then store, bulk quantities of feed. The reduction of feed costs allows us to put those dollars towards our programs – where the children, adults, and Veterans need it most.

We did it, Ivey Ranch friends! Thanks to YOU, we met our fundraising goal and now have this beautiful new tack room in place! Work has started on the hay barn in the back pasture and should be done by the weekend.
THANK YOU from the Director, the Board of Directors, the staff, and our wonderful roster of horses here at IRPA!

barn3   barn2  barn1

Match Grant Turn Out
Thanks to the Alvin Rhynard Trust, Ivey Ranch received a $50,000 grant towards the new shed row barn. The donor had graciously agreed to donate an additional $50,000 if we could match it! We did thanks to you and County Supervisor, Bill Horn!

Corporate Partner, Asymtek, a Nordson Company, sponsors first arena
We would like to thank Asymtek for sponsoring the first of three arenas built as part of the new Equestrian Center.
This arena is 100′ x 200′, rectangular, sand filled, and built out of Life Time Lumber: low maintenance and green, a planet friendly decision.

On October 4, 2008, employees from Asymtek came out to put the finishing touches on the new arena as well as have an official ribbon cutting. Asymtek’ s generosity allows Ivey Ranch to offer additional therapeutic riding and equestrian lessons to over 150 children and adults each year. We would also like to thank Volunteer San Diego for facilitating this partnership and for the continued support they provide to Ivey Ranch Park.

Foundation Partners, LA84 Foundation & Las Patronas, sponsor second arena
We would like to thank LA84 Foundation & Las Patronas for sponsoring the second of three arenas built as part of the new Equestrian Center. This arena is 80′ x 140′, oval, sand filled, and built out of Life Time Lumber (low maintenance and green, a planet friendly decision). Through the generosity of LA84 and Las Patronas, Ivey Ranch is able to offer additional therapeutic riding and equestrian lessons to over 150 children and adults each year.




Community Garden
Ivey Ranch provides the space for local citizens to exercise their green thumb. Community garden plots are rented beginning April 1 of each year with partial year rentals that are prorated by the month. Plot rental includes use of the parcel, water and access to the community storage shed. The gardener must provide their own seeds, plants, and tools. Call first for plot availability.

Download: Community Garden Agreement Form 2018


The Botanical Garden



Memorial Tree Program
All of our trees have dedications and are part of our Memorial Tree Program. A map of the tree dedications can be found down in at the west entrance of our playground.



The Ivey Ranch is located within the City of Oceanside’s “Historic Preservation Area No. 1 – Mission San Luis Rey.” The Ivey Ranch House was built in 1888. The house and surrounding grounds passed through several landowners’ hands from 1891 to 1937 at which point L.O. Ivey purchased it. The Ivey’s were living in Los Angeles at the time of the purchase.

We have learned from a former friend of the Ivey’s that Mr. Otis Ivey was a poor boy from Texas who made good with Citizens Bank in Los Angeles starting at the beginning of the 1900’s. He lived most of his later adult life in San Marino (near Pasadena), then Westwood, then Holmby Hills, part of Los Angeles. He loved to ride horses on the ranch and loved to ride around in his open, metallic green Jeep. It is thought that Otis Ivey stopped coming to the ranch by about 1970, when his health slowed him down.

San Luis Rey Valley 1898

San Luis Rey 2006

San Luis Rey 2006

ivey ranch view2

View of Ivey Ranch and Mission San Luis Rey 2013

Mr. Otis Ivey died in 1978 and the land was held in the L.O. Ivey Trust until the City of Oceanside acquired it in 1981.
In 1981, the Year of the Disabled, a steering committee proposed a Concept Proposal for the establishment of a park at a twenty-acre site on the Ivey Ranch Estate. The Ivey Ranch Steering Committee proposed a plan for a park that would be fully accessible to both the disabled and able-bodied. The park envisioned by the Steering Committee would provide an environment for all groups of the area’s population to interact and relate to one another irrespective of their disabilities.

It was the Committee’s desire to develop a park that would provide a broad range of recreational and educational opportunities accessible to all. The facilities would reflect a sensitivity for the special needs of the disabled. On December 5, 1981, Mayor Larry M. Bagley was afforded the opportunity to dedicate a portion of the Ivey Ranch as parkland for the City of Oceanside.

The park is managed by an independent, non-profit agency, Oceanside Ivey Ranch Park Association.The City retains ownership of the land and the Association is responsible for developing, administering, and maintaining the park.
The Association is also responsible for the financial elements of the park’s development and day-to-day operations.